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I charge the majority of my projects at a set rate determined before we begin. This way, it’s priced based on value, there are no surprises when you get the invoices and we both know what to expect going into the project.

There are occasions when I charge my hourly rate. For example, some of my clients who have hired me for ongoing monthly work are billed by the hour. Also, if you’d like to add revision rounds or more concept work to your project, we can bill that hourly in addition to the project price.

Turn-around times depend on our agreed upon timeline and my current schedule of projects. Typically, a brand identity package has a turn-around time of about 6 weeks (which includes strategy/foundational work) and websites range from 10-14+ weeks depending on complexity and schedules.

A big factor of my own timelines and deadlines is your responsiveness and promptness in getting approvals and revisions in on time. If something happens and there’s a delay from your side, chances are you’ll have to expect a delay on my end as well.

I work on payment plans, yes! For brand experience project, you’ll be invoiced 50% when signing on, and the remaining 50% will be invoiced at a set date towards the end of the project.

I accept payment in the form of Paypal, EFT, and cash. When you receive your deposit invoice, you’ll be given the options asking you how you’d like to pay.

We focus all of our efforts on designing and building complete websites (mostly in WordPress), so unfortunately we do not take on any other kind of web development.

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. Read on for the long answer:

It’s very easy to  think of a brand as just “a cool logo” and nothing more, but the entire foundation of The Paper Fox Studio is based on research and functionality of an entire brand experience. A lot of research and brainstorming is done around your brand strategy, market needs, and target audience so that I can deliver a full brand experience package that will help you reach your perfect clients or customers.

I do like to keep a structured schedule. I respect my client’s time and in turn carve out time for myself. I work a standard work week but you can expect to reach me from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you’ve emailed during the evenings, weekends or holidays, you can expect a response during the next business day.

We’re going to get super cozy for the duration of your project, so there shouldn’t be any surprises with the final designs or invoices. You’re involved in the whole process from the very beginning. We’ll start with an initial consultation to make sure we’re a good fit and chat a little more about your goals and hopes for the project.

I take my research phase and all of your questionnaire responses seriously – it’s a super important part of my process. I need to be able to best understand your values and your audience in order to create something effective. So with all of the foundational work done up front, there’s little room for surprise.

Each project does require a deposit up front. If you’re unhappy at any point in the process, we can address solutions together during revision rounds. If you’re really unhappy and wish to stop the project altogether, you won’t be required to pay the remaining balance.

Any revisions or concept work done above and beyond the scope of the project will be billed hourly on your next invoice. I’ll always let you know about this before proceeding.

This depends on a few different things. I limit my client intake per month to ensure I can pay the proper amount of attention to each project. After requesting your project, we’ll go over a timeline together and determine how soon we can start your project. If you’re requesting your project and have a particular deadline or time frame, please include that in the details of your message!

A branding project is more of a partnership than a one person job. Yes, I’m the one that will be creating the final results and helping you solve your problems creatively. But I’ll definitely be needing some input from you along the way.

At the start of each project, we’ll have an initial consultation to go over the details. Here I’ll explain exactly what I’ll need from you, depending on the project. Please expect to have things like content for websites or branding material ready to go – That means ALL copy (the text of your project), ALL imagery or any other piece of material you wish to include. If you aren’t ready with your materials yet, the deadlines will be delayed and we will postpone your project.

I’ll also need your prompt feedback and responses during the process. In order to stay on track, I’ll need any approvals and revisions to be completed as quickly as possible.

Failure to provide the content or feedback by the agreed upon deadlines could result in rescheduling the project.

The approach I take here at The Paper Fox Studio is to create an entire experience for your brand rather than just one-off pieces. I want your clients or customers to have a consistent and lasting impression of your business from first interaction through to purchase/action and beyond. Because of this, I only provide ongoing design support for current and past clients. This way I am completely familiar with their brands and know they have a solid identity designed already.

If you have questions about this process or need some more clarity, feel free to get in touch with me!

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